Our story

Hi, I’m Bennett from the Bobtail Yearlings! Some time ago, I decided that visualizing chordal space was the next phase in my growth as a songwriter. After struggling to get started, I realized that I needed to gamify the process. That’s when the idea for Bobtail Dominoes hit me, and I made this prototype from mosaic bathroom tiles.

Each day, I would challenge myself to arrange the dominoes into chords. I would then strum the chords on my guitar, hoping to come up with a nice progression for my next song. As time went on, I began to dream in chordal space, and I could feel myself developing a keen harmonic intuition.

Of course, it was obvious all along that Bobtail Dominoes could be a tabletop game. After play testing with some musician friends, I came up with a set of rules that we all thought worked well. My hope is that a few of you will invent your own variants and share them, just like with classic dominoes!

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